Video: Nokia’s flexible user interface prototype demo

by on October 27, 2011

first time in the smartphones’ world, a flexible phone prototype is shown in real. Nokia has done great things with this mobile gadget and they call “kinetic device,” a phone prototype with a flexible display demoed at Nokia World 2011 in London.

The iPhone and most smartphones used pinch-to-zoom capabilities while this one uses a new way to zoom and un-zoom. It works by blending and twisting your phone, you can see it in action below:

How it works? CNET explains:

Tapani Jokinen, who began working on the technology about two years ago as part of a Nokia group tasked with creating designs out of earlier-stage research, wouldn’t say either when he thinks it’ll come to market or how it worked.

But Chris Bower, stationed nearby at Nokia’s “Future Lounge,” had some ideas. He was showing an experimental apparatus with a bundle of carbon nanotubes in a flexible elastomer medium. The electrical resistance of the nanotubes changes as they’re stretched, and measurements of the change let a computer control how a map zoomed in and out. The same approach could be used to control the flexible interface.

Jokinen was reluctant to predict whether it might become as widespread as multitouch user interfaces are today.

Another video from IntoMobile gives us something about the release date.. the representative says it will launch “hopefully

It’s freaking mind blowing, isn’t it? Thoughts?


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